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The Mission of the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians /  Association Canadienne des Accordeurs de Piano is to encourage the highest standards of piano service by offering 

The Secret Life of Pianos

View TELUS Optik Local documentary produced by Marie-France Guerrette /Productions Loft Inc featuring CAPT/ACAP member Bruce Bischoff and footage of Convention 2016

opportunities for continuing education and fellowship in a supportive non-competitive environment. This sharing and mentoring tradition of learning piano technology continues to this day at annual conventions alternating between locations in Eastern and Western Canada. Unfortunately, the convention planned for Toronto in May has been canceled because of travel concerns, etc. related to the Covid-19 situation.

Currently the Association is represented by members from coast to coast across Canada including amateurs and expert piano tuners and technicians, many with more than 25 years of experience.

Unisonus, the publication for members of CAPT/ACAP has enabled members to stay connected in a common pursuit of ongoing education in piano technology. The first issue of Unisonus was published in 1983, although the Association’s roots began much earlier in 1971 in western Canada. (see CAPT/ACAP History).   For more information on joining CAPT / ACAP or renewing annual membership please check the information in the CONNECT section.  What’s in a name and image? … read more in the FAQ section.

Community forum: Follow us on Facebook … CAPT/ACAP Members and friends can connect on-line for technical discussions and news on upcoming events.   (read more in the Forum section).

Convention 2015 – A visit to the Bolduc Factory


2005 Weekend Seminar in Ottawa, ON

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In 2005 the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians launched a goal of encouraging full day (and sometimes several days long at Conventions) “hands on” training sessions for piano technicians at various locations across Canada. This practice continues with seminars and “real-world” learning projects facilitated in various Canadian cities by CAPT/ACAP support and sponsorship. If you are interesting in membership in CAPT/ACAP or being contacted about future CAPT events please check out the information on the CONNECT page.