CAPT/ACAP One-Day Piano Seminar

Vancouver, BC

Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 10 AM Pacific Time

This all day event is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians and hosted by Daniel Mykiwka

Location: Verhnjak Pianos – Unit 13, 15531 24 Ave. Surrey, BC


Bob Bjerke “My Two Cents Worth on Tuning, Pitch Correction and the ETD”

Rod Verhnjak “Sweat the Small Stuff”. Power Point presentation on the evaluation of pianos scheduled for rebuilding. What are some things NOT to leave out in the rebuilding process.

Jurgen Goering “European Trade Secrets”

Daniel Mykiwka “Smart Uses for Your Smart Phone”.

For more information download this attached pdf; and to join this one-day event go to the CAPT/ACAP Facebook Group page. The CAPT/ACAP Facebook group is a private moderated discussion list which is free for non-members and CAPT/ACAP members.