CAPT/ACAP Summer Seminar 2023

DATES: Friday, Aug 11th and Saturday Aug 12th. COMPLETED

LOCATIONS: Edmonton, AB; Virtual (ZOOM)

VANCOUVER LOCATION: Unfortunately because of low registration it has been necessary to cancel the in-person sessions at UBC in Vancouver. Registrants at this location who paid for in person attendance in Vancouver will be contacted regarding refunds. Planning for a later CAPT/ACAP in person event in BC is under discussion.

You may register your attendance either in-person for the Summer Session in Edmonton or to attend on-line at the following link:

Dear Fellow Technicians,

It gives me great pleasure to be able to extend an invitation to attend either in person or on Zoom the CAPT/ACAP Summer Seminar scheduled for Friday Aug 11th and Saturday Aug 12th. This follows some earlier scheduling setbacks when our original planning was stalled by difficulty in obtaining suitable venues. Finally it has come together!

Ron Giesbrecht and Roger Jolly will be our featured presenters.  The overall theme is “tone adjustment”.  While tuning probably gives us the bulk of our income, we can take our service offerings to the next level by becoming more proficient at voicing and performing related adjustments and services that influence the development of fine tonal quality.  So whether you are servicing a demanding customer’s piano who has engaged your services because they weren’t satisfied with previous service or you are working toward developing your skills to handle University or concert work, Ron and Roger’s vast knowledge of tonal development and experience in servicing pianos for artists at concert and performance venues will assist you in developing the knowledge and skills to work toward your goals.  

The in-person sessions are being held at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Calvin Wong, the lead techniciian has been able to arrange this work location and kindly allowed us to work on several of their instruments to aid in our presentation of this seminar. We are deeply appreciative of his assistance in organizing these facilities for our seminars. 

How is this Summer CAPT session planned?  The first day (Aug. 11) we will tie into lectures from Ron and Roger at the U of A including online access (Zoom) for those unable to join in Edmonton. Day 1 will lay the ground work for tone analysis, development and adjustments and “set the stage” for Day Two (Aug. 12).  This second day is set aside for hands-on “skill development” training and practice for technicians able to travel to Edmonton and participate in this event and end with reports on the training and also 2 guest presentations.  For all attendees (whether in-person or hose joining online) please download and refer to this …

SUMMER SESSION SCHEDULE       (pdf DOWNLOAD update August 5)

U of A (Edmonton) In Person Schedule Overview: Friday, Aug. 11th is an ALL DAY event with instructors developing the subject matter to define and analyze “tone adjustment” and then go further in diagnosing the needs of pianos in various applications with piano(s) at this location. This will include demonstrations of techniques and tips on piano adjustments and refinements that influence tone quality on Friday. On Saturday, Aug. 12th hands-on supervised instruction and activities on pianos at the U of A will take place and attendees will join together with those connecting On-line for the review and guest lectures.

On-Line Schedule Overview: The Friday, Aug. 11th  classes for in person attendees will be shared online for those attending virtually. On Saturday, Aug. 12th a review of activities and guest lectures will be given online from 3PM MDT. We are very pleased to have two Canadian experts advance our topics further for specific applications. Bob Bjerke from Vancouver, BC will present “Bob on the Spot-Experiences in Managing Tone in the Concert Setting” and Matt Arnott from Kamloops, BC will present “Tonal Dynamics in the Semi-Arid Interior” to conclude the 2023 Summer Session. (Please download and refer to the Summer Session Schedule at the above link for more scheduled times and other details.)

Instructions for Attendees Using Zoom: The quality of audio and video for those connecting individually on Zoom can vary depending on local Internet bandwidth. It is recommended to use high quality speakers or headphones to achieve the best possible experience in listening to demonstrations on tone quality and also mute your microphone unless you are in a conversation.

Cost:  If you can travel to Edmonton and take in both days, the cost is $140.00 for CAPT/ACAP members and for non-members the cost is $175.00 to attend in person.  For those connecting online the cost for the online activies on the 2 days is $100.00 for members and $125.00 for non-members. Tax receipts will be provided for in-person and remote participants. PAYMENTS can be made by:  E-transfer (autodeposit) to Cheques can be mailed Attn: Calvin Wong, Chief Financial Officer, 11 Deacon Place, St. Albert, AB T8N 6S5  Contact information:; Admin team contact information: 

Take care and, on behalf of the Administration Team of CAPT/ACAP,  we wish you a happy and relaxing summer. 

Dani Mykiwka

Chief Administration Officer CAPT/ACAP

Calvin Wong
CFO (Treasurer) CAPT/ACAP