Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 1 (English)

May, 2020 Vol 2 Issue 1-Dani Mykiwka-Interim President CAPT/ACAP

Hello To All Technicians Across Canada!

I hope all of you and your families are keeping well and keeping safe during this difficult time.

We are eagerly looking forward to our second Zoom session coming on Saturday, May 30th at 1:30 PM MDT. Our last session had around 40 attendees representing current members of CAPT/ACAP, PTG current members in Canada and current members of the Ontario Guild of Piano Technicians.

There are a couple of novel events planned for our next Zoom session. After our lecture by Michael Lipnicki from Calgary on the fine points of estimating and appraising pianos, we will have a small musical program which we named “Down To the Wire”. Glenn Pettit will be our first performer on acoustic piano and then we look forward to perhaps another performance on an entirely different instrument.

In addition, we are planning a unique French session whereby all technicians who speak French are invited to this French session headed by Mr. Aime’ Dery from Edmonton. Aime’ has been heavily involved in the piano technology field for decades and has participated in a broad spectrum of activities including concert work, all facets of piano rebuilding experience including player piano re-conditioning and pump organ service. He has been an instructor for many years and has helped a good number men and women develop as qualified piano technicians.

This event marks the fourth major event of the CAPT/ACAP since August of last year. The value of an $85 membership is well worth the instruction received at these events. Although we cannot meet face-to-face, I have found that we have a front-row seat when tuned in via Zoom. The additional benefits are many including no travelling expenses or having to be away from the family to attend piano technology events.

Like the last time, we request that you register your interest in attending. The information is found on our Facebook page. Please do so again.

The administration is confident that you will benefit from this next CAPT/ACAP Zoom session so please make plans to attend.


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