2015 Annual CAPT / ACAP National Convention

2015 Annual CAPT / ACAP National ConventionIMG_7253c

Dates: May 28 – 31, 2015 (ARCHIVE)

Location: Quebec City

Venues: Laval University in the Pollack-Desjardins Building (Rooms #2320 and #2326) at 2305, Rue de L’Université, G1V 0A6

and a chartered bus to Bolduc’s Saw Mill and Bolduc’s Piano Rebuilding Factory


C.Bolduc1Christian Bolduc will host a visit to their sawmiC.Bolduc2ll and will guide us through the process of how the best wood is selected, milled, quarter sawn, and dried. We will then travel to the Bolduc Rebuilding Factory where Christian will demonstrate a complete grand pinblock removal and replacement! This unique ‘LIVE’ presentation is made possible by bringing all of us on-site to Christian’s shop and is superior to an in-class presentation. The task of doing a complete pinblock replacement in one (partial) day is a challenge that Christian is up for! Christian will demonstrate the use of their world-famous tools and jigs that they designed for the industry. We will be enjoying both lunch and supper on location and will take the chartered bus back to Laval University in the evening.

JurgenGoeringdJurgen Goering will be teaching us an updated version of a special class that he has felt-Pianofortetaught at two consecutive PTG conventions which he calls, “The What, Where, Why and How of Felt and Cloth in Pianos.” It will include both a PowerPoint presentation as well as providing plenty of samples to handle and examine. He will take us through some background information about how they’re made, some theory about why these materials are chosen and will then bring it all home with a lot of practical application, i.e. learning how best to cut, punch and/or glue felt and which glues to use. We will learn tips for putting the right material in the right place, and in the correct way. Even experienced rebuilders will find themselves learning new material!

OWhiteB Oliver Esmonde-White will amaze us with the world’s most complete and efficient piano moving equipment! This is the FIRST Klavier Roller to have been purchased in all of North America! The dream of a single person safely and efficiently moving a large grand piano by themselves is now a reality. KlavierRollerOliver will demonstrate how the Klavier Roller can; tilt a piano onto its side, travel across a room with only the effort of a hand-held remote control unit, climb stairs, load itself onto a truck, and reverse the entire operation which will include setting itself upright in the final location!   The Klavier Roller hails from France and not, as you may have guessed, an inexpensive system. Oliver has used the Klavier Roller as a technician and for another venture that he has, called ‘Piano Chameleons,’ in which he supplies two large grand pianos and two virtuoso musicians for special performances. While most of us have only been able to be amazed by this system through online videos and descriptions, Oliver will provide us with a live demonstration of this most astounding innovation!

MarcelLapointe3bMarcel Lapointe is a highly sought-after concert technician and has graced us with ctunerpresentations at several CAPT-ACAP national conferences in recent years. His presentations have consistently educated and excited technicians as he continues to break new ground as he ventures forward. This year, Marcel has offered to enlighten us as to the many ways that he uses an electronic tuning device, the Cybertuner, in reaching toward the goal of finding the best possible tuning. Marcel has used the Cybertuner to assist him in exploring many features of tuning that would have otherwise remain hidden and mysteries to us without it. If you recall his great presentation at the Ottawa convention, entitled ‘Chasing False Beats,’ where he demonstrated extraordinary techniques for adding mass to troublesome strings then verifying the changes with Cybertuner, you will appreciate the depth of Marcel’s understanding and teaching. We are looking forward to more revelations from Marcel in Quebec City!

DBrassard3Denis Brassard is another Canadian icon in the piano service industry and his presentations at the Montreal convention, two years ago, were so well appreciated and received by everyone that we just had to ask him back for more! When asked which topic of piano technology is burning within him lately, he answered that the topic that it is ‘Making a Solid Foundation.’ He will be covering a number of topics included in the process of getting a piano as mechanically stable as possible in order to ensure the greatest success when regulating. Denis will be dropping his innovative tips as he goes through such topics as assessing the condition and alignment of parts, centre pinning, traveling, etc. Denis will make the presentation relevant to working with both grand and upright pianos. The focus on a solid foundation is key to bringing the best possible touch/control to a piano. Denis’ attention to detail in unsurpassed and his ability to convey his insight is remarkable!

DCoteDon Cote is a most unique and gifted technician! His insight into all-things-piano often takes him/us into new realms of understanding and appreciation of the piano before us. Don’s jacks2excitement is building as he readies for his unique and novel presentation in Quebec City! He will be exploring and illuminating a central part in the work that we do which we might call, “The Jack of Our Trade.” Don will be taking us on a journey to both grand and upright jacks and he will be sharing discoveries and tips that he has found which excite him. For those who know Don, you will know that if he is excited about a topic then it consumes his passion, he bubbles over with enthusiasm and those of us who get to experience these expressions are often brought to a new level of understanding/appreciation. Given the range of tasks we perform, we might consider ourselves to me a ‘Jack of all trades’ within piano servicing: Don will help us build on our expertise by taking time to focus on the ever-important ‘Jack of Our Trade.’


Thursday May 28,

            6 p.m.-7:30 pm: Registration in Hall of Pollack Building at Laval University

            6 p.m. – onward: gathering in the Pub of Pollack Building for drinks and socializing

Friday May 29,

8 a.m.: Board the chartered bus we have hired to bring us to the Sawmill and then to Bolduc’s Factory in St. Joseph-de-Beauce. Lunch, break snacks and supper will be provided. Leave to return to Laval by 8 p.m..

Saturday May 30

            8:30 a.m.: Marcel Lapointe – ‘Cybertuner Explored’

            10:00-10:30 a.m. – break

            10:30 a.m.: Jurgen Goering – ‘The What, Where, Why and How of Felt and Cloth in Pianos’

            12:00 p.m.: – Lunch provided

            1:00 p.m.: Oliver Esmonde-White – ‘The Klavier Roller’

            2:30-3:00 p.m. – break

            3:00 p.m.” – 5:00 p.m.: Don Cote – ‘The Jack of One Trade’

            5:00 – 6:00 p.m.: Gathering Time with Exhibitors of Tools, Supplies and Services

            (Enjoy Quebec City at your leisure!)

Sunday May 30

            8:30 a.m.: Denis Brassard – ‘Making a Solid Foundation’

            10:00-10:30 a.m. – break

            10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.: ‘CAPT-ACAP Annual General Meeting’