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Unisonus … (What’s in a name) … The first part of the word “unisonus” is based on the musical term of singing in “unison”. For piano tuners and technicians this word has another connotation. During piano service it is necessary to PrintingTelegraphC.1900UnisonusCIconprecisely match the tuning of the two or three strings of a single note so their “tones” or sounds match without dissonance … or “beats” as piano tuners identify tones that do not match. If the strings of a single note are adjusted in tension (put in “tune”) so they sound as a single tone they have become in “unison”. Adding the word “us” at the end of unison makes the combined words a fit description for an association of piano tuners with a similar task.

The above Printing Telegraph with its piano-like keyboard was a communicationCAPT-ACAP-logo-initals device c.1900. More about this image and credits.

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