CAPT / ACAP Logo Policy Use

CAPT/ACAP Logo … Images that visually describe a traditional art … the distinctive CAPT/ACAP logo was designed in CAPT-ACAP-logo-initals1985 by Bruce Bischoff, a member from Edmonton, Alberta. The combination of piano keyboard, tuning fork and tuning hammer with the Maple Leaf displays a Canadian identity.

The use or display of the logo by other organizations may be permitted after approval by the Officers of the CAPT/ACAP. Please Contact CAPT/ACAP for such requests.

Member Use of the CAPT/ACAP Logo:

Display and use of the distinctive logo and linking to the CAPT/ACAP website by members is encouraged with the following guidelines: The logo must include a reference to the association in one or both of Canada’s official languages and if used on a website should be linked to

Members of the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians / Association Canadienne des Accordeurs de Piano are permitted to use the logo with the following provisions as discussed in the  … 2010.Fall-Winter.Unisonus . and approved in 2010 by the Officers of the Association. The contributions of members Ernest Unrau, Matt Arnott, and Mark Larin who served as liaison to the Administrators at that time in formulating the artwork and recommendations for usage of these logos is acknowledged and appreciated.

Because CAPT/ACAP focuses on fellowship and education of its members, promoting the membership of its members is intended to convey the message that members are engaged in ongoing affiliation with other Canadian piano technicians. The logo can be considered as an effective means to display such a personal affiliation. Use of the CAPT/ACAP logo by paid-up CAPT/ACAP members is permitted within the following guidelines:

1. A member’s business or company must not infer or advertise an endorsement, qualification or association by or with CAPT/ACAP as membership rests in the individual only. Members may refer to their membership in CAPT/ACAP in their advertising or listing of professional credentials only as individuals. The logo must not be displayed in a manner suggesting the member has achieved a level of accreditation, qualification, certification or achievement bestowed by the CAPT/ACAP.

2.The logo must be accompanied by either one or both of the acronyms CAPT or ACAP or accompanied by one or both of the written identifiers of the organization, either ‘Canadian Association of Piano Technicians’ or ‘Association Canadienne des Accordeurs de Piano.’

3. When displayed on the website of a member the logo must have a hyperlink to the CAPT/ACAP website at or

4. It is recommended higher resolution logos are best suited to provide high quality results when used on printed media. The lower resolution bilingual (English and French) logos as viewed below are recommended for website applications.