Membership in CAPT/ACAP:  By virtue of its name and the vast geographical area of Canada in relation to the rest of the world, CAPT/ACAP began as a Canadian Association with a Canadian membership. However, even from its beginnings the administration and members of CAPT/ACAP connected with the piano technical community in other parts of the world; especially since the Internet has facilitated easier communication. Convention instructors and attendees often include guests and visitors from the United States and other parts of the world.

Benefits of CAPT/ACAP Membership:

  • Connect with a cross-Canada piano technician association promoting piano technician education advancement.
  • Membership in CAPT/ACAP allows any technician anywhere in Canada to attend, with FREE workshop admission, any of the X-Country Seminars. 
  • Access posts for members on piano technical subjects.
  • Use the CAPT/ACAP logo on your business stationery or website to identify your piano technician service with an association promoting continual educational advancement in piano technology knowledge. More information  on using the CAPT/ACAP logo.
  • Connect with other technicians and follow the activities of the Association on the CAPT/ACAP  Facebook Group page.




Membership fees for 2020 are $85.00 which includes any residual fees for 2019 if unpaid. Take advantage of an Early-bird discount for 2020 membership if you are able to attend the January 25, 2020 Edmonton X-Country Seminar. register/pay for the event by December 31, 2019. 


REGISTER  for the Edmonton, AB X-Country Seminar.

  • Interac e-Transfer Auto-Deposit, (more information on Interac e-Transfer Auto-Deposit payments)
  • Credit card or
  • Cheque.

Connect with and follow CAPT/ACAP on Facebook Groups.  Log into into your Facebook account and follow the link to the “Canadian Association of Piano Technicians” private group page; and request access to this closed discussion group. 

A Personal Profile is required to view members only posts on this website. If your CAPT/ACAP member profile has not been set up please Contact CAPT/ACAP administration to activate your profile on (current CAPT/ACAP members).  After logging in to you can update and edit your Profile.