CAPT/ACAP On-line Meeting Setup


ZOOM Meeting Connection ID: CAPT/ACAP members will be emailed with this information before the event.

Technical hint: if you are using the Zoom application on a PC or Mac input the Meeting ID and Password. Clicking on the hyperlink will also work by calling up the browser. Using the application provides more user control options for the best user experience. If using a smartphone, tablet, or iPad first download the Zoom app, and either click the hyperlink or input the Meeting ID and Password to launch the app.

CHECKLISTplease read following the instructions below.

1. Timezones and When to Join the Meeting: Check the time (at host location) and convert to your local time zone. This online tool might be helpful … Join a few minutes early using the Meeting Connection I.D. provided to you and select Internet Audio. Although Zoom has the capability to connect with a landline or mobile phone, the connect by phone feature may be disabled by the meeting host, as sharing video with only a phone connection is not possible.

2. Interruptions: In the rare event a technical problem (i.e. Internet/ power outage affecting host or your location) causes a meeting to end unexpectedly first try to rejoin the meeting. If unsuccessful check your email for alternate instructions, (as in a backup host with new meeting connection details.)

3. Zoom App Setup: If you are using a smartphone, tablet or iPad download the app from the Google Play Store or Apps Store. For computers (PC and Mac) check Zoom connecting options and downloads at . You will need to register with Zoom with a user email and password. Registration is free but if you want to also host meetings of more than 45 minutes an upgrade to your account is available for purchase. To test your setup before joining a meeting go to you are using the application it s recommended to update the software on your computer or device to the latest version.

4. Your display name: When initially joining the meeting check the name displaying for your connection. If a name such as “Samsung Galaxy” or the name of your device or computer is showing try to rename it to your own name (used when you registered on-line). For security reasons a “waiting” room feature is enabled so the host can check the names of registered participants before admitting them. Please don’t reactivate the login or refresh the browser while waiting to be admitted to the meeting as presenters may still be finalizing technical details of the presentation, and it takes time to check the waiting names against the registered list when admitting the participants.

5. Preventing audio feedback: There are icons to enable video (so we can see your face), and for you to mute your audio. For larger meetings we request that you mute your audio except when speaking to minimize feedback. An ideal way to connect is with a headset or earbuds to disable the sound of your speakers, minimizing the potential for your device’s microphone to cause potential echoes and feedback. Use the MUTE option to disable your device’s microphone to avoid feedback if you are not speaking. Advanced: In case more than one device needs to be connected at a meeting there will be a delay of audio and video between the devices and echoes and feedback noise sometimes result if the microphone is on for the second device. To prevent this happening with a second device do not select the option to “join with computer audio” (assuming the second device is only used for its video).

6. Interaction during the meeting: Zoom makes use of meeting enhancements, such as Chat (i.e. text messaging within the meeting) to be able to comment generally to all by text or with individual participants. Another useful feature for larger meetings is “Raising” a hand so the host can acknowledge someone wishing to speak, etc.