Payment by Interac e-Transfer

Did you know that payments using Interac e-Transfer from your online banking account can be securely and automatically deposited to the CAPT/ACAP bank account—without the hassle of security questions and answers, saving us from work interruptions and the cost of any credit card processing fees? Your payment by Interac e-Transfer Auto-Deposit is submitted securely through your online banking account using the email address which CAPT/ACAP has registered for these transactions. After a payment has been made a notification is sent to CAPT/ACAP; the treasurer updates your account, and a receipt is emailed to you.

Interac e-Transfer Auto-Deposit payments can be made conveniently through most Canadian banks and financial institutions. To check if your financial institution offers Interac e-Transfer and has the ability to send funds to registered contacts and recipients who have the auto-deposit feature turned on, view the full list of Interac e-Transfer participating financial institutions. The following links provide additional information on using Interac e-Transfer Auto-Deposit: <English>  <French>  <English video tutorial> <French video tutorial>

Payment By Interac E-Transfer Instructions
From your online banking account, use our registered auto-deposit email address

to configure “CAPT/ACAP” as an e-Transfer recipient. Your authorized payment will be directly deposited to the CAPT/ACAP account. No secret question and answer exchange is needed. No payment or personal information is sent by email. CAPT/ACAP only receives an email notification that a payment has been made and deposited.

Exact instructions to pay using Interac e-Transfer will vary by participating financial institution, but in general:

  • Log in to your online bank account;
  • Navigate to the section for Interac e-Transfer and follow the instructions to add a recipient and send money;
  • Configure “CAPT/ACAP” as a recipient using the email address above and you should see a notification that this email address is registered for auto-deposit.After configuring CAPT/ACAP as a recipient select “Send Interac e-Transfer” and follow the instructions of your online banking service provider to send your payment.
  • Please insert your name and the purpose of the payment in the message you include with your e-Transfer.