Western Follow-up Workshop In Edmonton

(completed) EDMONTON August 26th, 2017; National CAPT/ACAP conference takes to the road!!!

Say “Happy 150th birthday Canada” plus dissolve some of the distance obstacle of our vast nation—that’s why we’re bringing a taste of our 2017 convention right to your doorstep! You are invited to join us in Edmonton for a mini-convention event featuring highlights from the CAPT/ ACAP annual conference held early June in Toronto.

• Where: School of Music, Giovanni Music, 10528 Mayfield Rd NW, Edmonton, AB;

• When: Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017 commencing 9 a.m. Lunch included with an evening fellowship BBQ following;

• What: One-day event featuring a blend of piano technology and business building sessions
including the featured seminar on the C.Ha.S. (Circular Harmonic System) method of aural
tuning developed by its Italian inventor, Alfredo Capurso.

• Sessions and Presenters:

◦ “Managing Concert Service Priorities” with Robert Bjerke;
◦ “Business Strategies” with Daniel Mykiwka;
◦ “The C.Ha.S Equal Temperament Tuning System” demonstrated by Ernest Unrau and Ron

Please contact/email Rick Wiens to register. “Walk-ins” are welcome also. Cost for the day $140.  includes lunch and evening BBQ.