CAPT/ACAP Online Mini-technical – April 25, 2020


On April 25 we are launching our first Internet-based technical for our members. For this first event there is no admission charge for:

1) Members of CAPT/ACAP who are current with their annual fees. You can find out more about membership in CAPT/ACAP and renew 2020 membership at

If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Calvin Wong, CAPT/ACAP vice treasurer at

2) Current Canadian PTG members.

3) Current Ontario Guild of Piano Technicians members.

Our first presenter will be Matt Arnott from Kamloops followed by Jurgen Goering from Nanaimo. Matt’s theme is “Matt’s Method of Hammer Re-Shaping”.

Jurgen will be speaking about the dynamics of felt. His theme is “Hands On Felt in the Piano Forte Shop”

The meeting will use the Zoom platform. Log-in credentials for this will be provided shortly before the presentation starts, probably on the morning of the 25th by email. Please keep in mind that this presentation begins at 1:30PM Pacific Time.

If you are a piano technician we would also like to welcome you to join our (free) private discussions on the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians Facebook group for up to date communication and sharing with other piano technicians.