CAPT X-Country Seminar 2 – 2021

Time: Apr 24, 2021 12:00 PM EDT (Ontario time) via Zoom  (PRESENTATION HAS ENDED, REGISTRATION CLOSED)

John Schienke, owner of J. D. Grandt Piano Supply, located in Richmond Hill, ON is the presenter for our 2nd X-Country seminar of 2021. The main lecture will deal with piano scale design-particularly hybrid scaling and the importance of restringing using this technology. A review of obtaining measurements for the best possible bass string set will start things off but you will also leave empowered to confidently address the overall scale design of the entire treble wire from the low tenor right through C88. John will delve into Stephan Paulello’s scaling spreadsheet (free download) and how to easily review and tweak any piano scale to optimize its potential. You will understand exactly what is happening when trying to tune through the low tenor into the bass section and address those tuning interval checks that don’t seem to want to ‘cooperate’.

There will be a lot of invaluable tidbits to make sure your bass string orders come back to you as you intended (single strings and complete sets). Your understanding of piano scales and hybrid scaling will greatly increase. And we’re hopeful that a quick tour of his piano store and preparation that goes into selling his brand of pianos, and the bass string manufacturing shop can be included in the agenda of this full session. John has been a featured presenter at CAPT/ACAP technical events in past years and we look forward to advancing our own practical knowledge as he shares his knowledge and experiences.

Presentation Notes and Followup for Attendees:

Presentation Handout (pdf)

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