CAPT/ACAP X-Country Seminar 2022-09-24

ESMONDE UPRIGHT ACTION INNOVATION Out-Performs Grands: Imagine an upright piano action that repeats faster, is more durable and easier to move than a grand, all while being easier to regulate than a grand action! That’s what the revolutionary Esmonde action is poised to deliver, and attendees of the upcoming CAPT/ACAP “X-Country” workshop get a front-row seat when it is unveiled for CAPT/ACAP technicians at a presentation on Saturday, Sept. 24, 12:00 noon EDT (ZOOM platform). 

Space is limited! Please Pre-Register to ensure your seat. Pre-registration deadline midnight Friday, Sept. 23.

Inventor Oliver Esmonde-White

Led by Oliver Esmonde-White, inventor and CEO of Piano Esmonde-White, a team of piano engineers and technicians has opened a door for new technology that allows pianists to feel the touch sensitivity of grand pianos in uprights!

This presentation will give an overview of the technical innovations, refinements and adjustments of the Esmonde upright action:

Easy to adjust!   The Esmonde Vertical Action integrates components easily adjustable with a screwdriver: the modular block of the spring/hammer return, and the repetition rod. Plus, the Vertical Action mechanism is more robust than other mechanisms!

Performance!   The Esmonde vertical action innovation offers 300% faster repetition in comparison to the traditional upright action, yet it does so via a much larger sound palette!

Precision!   The combination of the two components makes it possible to easily adjust to the nearest gram, the touch weight of the piano keys.

Oliver has previously shared presentations with CAPT/ACAP. The accompanying photo is of the Fandrich action (predecessor of the present-day Esmonde vertical action), which was displayed at the June 2013 CAPT/ACAP conference held at the University of Montreal. In the photo inset, notice the knuckle at the point of jack contact. Also note that, as is the case for a grand action, the Esmonde action’s hammer shanks also do not rest on the hammer-rest rail.

About Piano Esmonde-White   Since 1996, Piano Esmonde-White has been offering its expertise and the purchase, rental, finishing, restoration and maintenance of upright and grand pianos. The company has a research and development department that allows it to create processes and find innovative solutions in piano manufacturing. Piano Esmonde-White also has its own recording studio and a small concert hall.

Today, the Piano Esmonde-White team offers a complete and varied range of services, which it is constantly working to improve. Innovation and research are an integral part of the organization’s activities and concerns. Piano Esmonde-White wishes above all to improve the well-being of society as it evolves through music. 

We are looking forward to hearing more about the latest refinements of this technology.