CAPT X-Country Seminar 3 – 2021 & AGM

Time: (EVENT COMPLETED) May 29, 2021 11:00 AM EDT (Ontario time) via Zoom. The Event will begin with a technical presentation by Christian Bolduc.

This will be followed by a brief AGM business meeting for CAPT/ACAP members.

Founded in 1978 as a piano restoration business, PIANOS BOLDUC has grown and developed over thirty years into an institution known world wide for its White Spruce Soundboards, Maple Pinblock and superior quality components, as well as other products used in the manufacture and restoration of fine pianos. PIANOS BOLDUC also makes unique custom tools for piano technicians and rebuilders and offers an online parts-catalogue, technical support and full-rebuilding service.

Class description:  INSTALLATION OF THE FULL-FITTED PINBLOCK                                            

Christian shows how to replace a full-fitted grand pinblock from A to Z.  How to take necessary references before removing the plate, the use of the Plate-Puller, removing the pinblock using the Bolduc’s pinblock extractor.  Fitting the new block to the plate, drilling it, gluing and dowelling it in the case.  Many tips and tricks to simplify the work.

Biography: Christian Bolduc is a technician/bellyman specializing in soundboards and pinblocks. Following his studies at Ecole du Meuble de Victoriaville to become a fine cabinet and furniture maker, he spent a full year at the Schimmel factory in Braunschweig, Germany studying piano structure and design.  His combined understanding of wood and design has made him an expert in his niche. He is a constant searcher for new ideas and methods to make your rebuilding projects easier.  Christian is the president and owner of Pianos Bolduc.

REGISTRATION: This event is free for current (2021) CAPT/ACAP members. Registration in advance is necessary to obtain the Zoom link for this event which will be provided by email before the event, as well as information on the AGM business meeting.

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