Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1

Canadian Association of Piano Technicians NEWSLETTER October 2019 Vol 1 Issue 1 Association Canadien des Accordeurs de Piano

From the desk of Daniel Mykiwka (Interim President)

WELCOME ALL! We are pleased to be able to offer our first newsletter. Over the past year, we wanted to take the time to discover NEW ways to enhance and possibly even re-define our national organization. The operative word here is NEW which serves as our acronym for Nurturing/Educating/Welcoming.

This organization is a truly national organization. We reach out to technicians as well as those interested in piano technology in all areas of Canada. We are not limited by region, province, or territory. This is important because it serves as a unifying factor. Canada is massive in its geography. Properly employing Internet technology reduces that distance. This is our goal. We want to reach out to all technicians especially those who are isolated, serving rural communities across Canada.

Let’s briefly explore our NEW acronym.


This means that we are not in competition with other piano technology programs or organizations. Any organization that promotes higher skill levels within its members is commendable. The question is, “How does one attain higher levels of skill if one is isolated or wants to increase their abilities?”

This organization can help. We are looking at instituting a pilot program that will be able to directly assist new technicians with specific problems or issues they encounter in the field. They will have access to an experienced member who can spend time with them to help resolve whatever difficulty they are facing.


We are developing a nation-wide educational program that will probably be featured in some form through the Internet. It will include both theoretical as well as practical training. In the meantime, we are starting a series of smaller seminars across Canada entitled “X-Country Seminars”. We have already arranged for one to take place on November 16, 2019.

In addition, we are formulating plans for a National Convention to be held in the spring of 2020 in Toronto. As noted above, education will be a primary feature of our NEW organization. It should be the goal of all technicians to increase their skill level. We believe that education is a life-long activity. This organization can help raise skill levels across Canada in piano technology. Please join CAPT on Facebook for a start and join the conversation!


Again, as stated, we welcome all to join us. The cost is nominal but the rewards are great. We are featuring an $85 annual membership which includes the remainder of 2019 and all of 2020. What does this membership offer? It allows any technician anywhere in Canada to attend, with FREE workshop admission, any of the X-Country Seminars. Thank you, and on behalf of the CAPT/ACAP administration team and board of directors I sincerely wish each one of you the best!

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One-day seminar, Surrey, B.C. on Nov 16, 2019.  Follow us on Facebook.

Nurturing • Educating • Welcoming