Projects 2015

A Followup to Convention 2015 (Quebec City) submitted by Ron Giesbrecht

During the recent annual CAPT/ACAP convention and AGM held in Quebec City technicianP1030289bs interacted in many ways including great educational sessions, a tour of a world-class sawmill and production facility specializing in manufacturing high-quality soundboards and pinblocks, and opportunities for interaction between the registrants. Although piano technicians do a lot of their work in the field as individuals it’s kind of special when we can get together as a “team”, as shown by the group effort to put a grand pianP1030365bo back on its tripod dolly after one of the sessions.

A lot of the discussions between individuals (Hey! And I must emphasize that a highlight of CAPT/ACAP conventions is meeting and making friends with other piano techs across Canada), focused on music enjoyment, music making and music education in communities across Canada. These informal discussions often compared the current popularity of the piano as its used to support music making in different locations across Canada. And with the wealth of experience provided by many of the technicians in attendance (many with +25 years in the piano service business) these discussions included a look at trends over the years in servicing pianos.

There was a general feeling that there is increasing need to connect with, support and promote the efforts of music makers in our communities and in particular discuss ways to encourage music education. Within this post we’d like to share links to articles of interest to our members, especially those that feature the positive aspects of music education and learning in ways that can be promoted and shared with our communities and customers.

We’ve heard a lot about how learning a musical instrument as a child has a life-long impact. This article adds another perspective

From the Journal of Neuroscience …  Navigating the Auditory Scene An Expert Role for the Hippocampus … a fascinating read at what researchers are learning about piano tuners …